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Edgewater Home Called Greenest,
Most Energy Efficient in Chicago
Chicago Home Renovation Receives the Most LEED Points Ever Recorded
NBC/CNN: Greenest House in America
Elements of a green LEEDer
ABC: Greenest House in America

Jacek Helenowski, owner of Square 1 Precision Lighting, Inc. has taken his passion and dedication for energy conservation and the environment seriously enough to remodel his home to become the highest scoring LEED Platinum residence in the country.

His renovated home measures 3,300 sq feet and has earned 119 points out of 136 in the LEED for Homes certification. Additionally, the home earned a HERS rating of 13, Energy Star certification, 3 Stars in the Chicago Green Homes Program, and is truly net-zero energy due to the many innovations in Cold Cathode lighting, heating and cooling, along with three rows of photovoltaics on the roof and a vertical axis wind turbine.

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