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LRC fixture used in a residential setting.
LRC Fixture
LLC Fixture

Square 1 Precision Lighting has developed a series of “general” lighting fixtures that has taken Cold Cathode lighting to a whole new level. With the introduction of our LRC, Linear Recessed Cold Cathode, SQ1 now offers unique, recessed light fixtures with all the advantages of Cold Cathode over fluorescent. Also avalable is our LCC fixture, which is a surface mount version.

These fixtures are ideal for offices, retail stores, and medical facilities or wherever overall, energy efficient, high lumen lighting is required.

We have engineered these fixtures to provide superior, overall even lighting in variety distinctive architectural shapes and sizes that will enhance any décor.

• A minimum of 40% lower energy usage costs compared to any equivalent light fixture.

• Dimmable without using expensive dimming ballasts.

• Compatible with motion sensor switching and daylight harvesting controls.

• Minimal light degradation compared to 10% to 12% for fluorescent lamps.

• 80,000+ hour lamp life compared to 10,000 to 20,000 hour lamp life for fluorescent lamps.

• Instant on without warm-up at start.

• A CRI of 92+ as compared to fluorescent’s CRI of 80+ and a Kelvin color range of 2,400k to 6,500k which is a significant benefit to retailers or those who wish their products to be shown in the ‘best possible light’ or where a specific Kelvin temperature is required.

• Light output is not significantly affected by cold or hot temperatures.

• Our fixtures do not contribute significant heat gain to its environment.

• We offer customization regarding size, color and fixture shapes. Send us your ideas and requirements and we will make it reality.