Square 1
  precision lighting


Square 1 Precision Lighting's High Bay and Low Bay fixtures are the perfect alternative to traditional fluorescent or H.I.D. lighting. These fixtures are ideal for industrial and warehouse facilities, retail “big-box” stores, offices, schools, religious institutions, and hospitals and medical offices.

The SQ1
® High Bay and Low Bay fixtures produce superior lighting (CRI) at lower energy, maintenance and life cycle costs than any other equivalent lighting source available today. These fixtures are truly “Green” and retain the highest LEED points available and are eligible for local energy company, state and federal rebates or subsidies.

These fixtures are capable of helping you meet IBC and local energy code requirements while achieving the light levels you need. Our High Bay and Low Bay fixtures operate at 134 watts as compared to a typical 4 tube T-5 fluorescent fixture that operates at 236 watts. That is a 40% savings per fixture while producing equivalent lumens. In addition, they have the capabilities to dim, function with occupancy sensors and are compatible with various daylight harvesting controls.
  • A minimum of 40% lower energy usage costs compared to any equivalent light fixture.
  • Dimmable without using expensive dimming ballasts.
  • Minimal light degradation compared to 10% to 12% for fluorescent lamps.
  • 80,000+ hour lamp life compared to 10,000 to 20,000 hour lamp life for fluorescent lamps.
  • Instant on without warm-up at start.
  • A CRI of 92+ as compared to fluorescent's CRI of 80+ and a Kelvin color range of 2,400k to 6,500k which is a significant benefit to retailers or those who wish their products to be shown in the 'best possible light.'
  • Light output is not significantly affected by cold or hot temperatures.
  • Cold Cathode lamps are less susceptible to vibration.
  • Our fixtures do not contribute significant heat gain to its environment.