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Square 1 Precision Lighting
®, Inc. Standard Job Conditions

1) High voltage GTO cable is provided by Square 1. Conduit, conduit runs, and cable pulls to be provided by electrical contractor. Conduit for GTO is to be 1/2" diameter electrical PVC,or aluminum.

2) Non-plenum transformer enclosure provided by Square 1, installed by electrical contractor.
3) 120 Volt primary transformers provided by Square 1.

4) If job is within 100 miles of Chicago, IL, (1) One rough-in visit to job site for the purpose of final measurement and instruction to electrical contractor, regarding rough-in specifications and other questions of the installation of Square 1 product.

5) Square 1 will hang neon/cold cathode glass.

6) Electrical contractor will provide safe access to areas where neon/cold cathode and transformers are located, if over (10) ten feet from finished floor.

7) Miscellaneous glass mounting hardware provided by Square 1.

8) Permits attained and permit fees paid (if required) by electrical contractor.

Square 1 Precision Lighting, Inc. conditions apply to all jobs unless otherwise stated in our bid.

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